Unknown Cool Facts About SQUIRREL

Unknown Facts About SQUIRREL From Hidden Planet


Scientific Names: Sciuridae
Family Name: Sciuridae
Lifespan: Alpine marmot(15-18 years), Siberian chipmunk(6-10 years)
Weight: 400-600 g
Top Speed: 12.4 mph
Body Length: 11 inch
Diet:  Omnivores

  • In Greek, the word 'Squirrel' means 'shadow tail'.
  • with 285 species of squirrels, they can be found in every continent except Antarctica and Australia.
  • A male squirrel can actually smell a female in heat, from up to a mile away.
  • The hind legs of squirrels are doubled jointed, which gives them the ability to run up and down trees very quickly.
  • A squirrel's front teeth never stop growing.
  • Squirrels may lose 25 percent of their buried food to thieves.
  • Mating season for squirrels is from February to May, with a 44 days gestation period. Generally, two to four young are born per litter. 
  • A newborn squirrel is about an inch long.
  • They get bulky to stay warm during the winter.
  • Squirrels can fall from 30 meters high, without hurting themselves.
  • When squirrels feel threatened,  they run away in a zigzag pattern. This is an incredibly useful strategy to escape hawks and other predators.
  • Squirrels can eat their own body weight every week, which is roughly 1.5 pounds.

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