If Given Voice: Creating A Universe Where The Voiceless Might Be Heard


For us humans, being able to speak is one of the traits we pride ourselves on. It is a natural gift that has let us understand ourselves and build societies. At the same time, we rarely try to understand the other animals on this planet who cannot speak our language. Unfortunately, over history, we have taken advantage of their inability to inflict various types of harm on animals.

Now imagine, if animals found the ability to speak to us humans. What would their tone be? Thankful or hurt and betrayed for all that we have done to them and their surroundings. Or, maybe they would simply ask us why we ever harmed them if given voice.

These short comics by artist Milk DoNg does exactly that. Let us see what awaits us in the minds of these innocent animals.

The Melting Home Of Polar Bears

This image is of a polar bear wearing a life jacket. It has a tear in his eye and is sitting tight on a very small piece of ice. The bear can only request when these animals could speak to us to give back the ice that we have melted through global warming. The polar bears have been losing their home continuously due to our selfish industrial progress.

Dogs As Pets
Many of us like to keep pets. However, many of us forget that they are living beings too, and not just toys for our amusement. As such, we breed dogs and other pets according to our whims, to get a better pet. The dog can only ask us why she is made to suffer like that.

Bears Being Cut Open

The Bleeding Gums Of Elephants

The Feast Of Dolphins

Boars’ Loss Of Habitat

Walruses And Their Disappearing Homes 

Cruelty Of Orangutans

The Cruel Killing Of Ducks

The Harsh Labours Of Donkeys

Stray Dogs

Cats As Pets

Pangolins Harvested For Medicines

Whales Hunted For Centuries

Taunting Bulls For Sport

Stray Cats

Tortoises Losing Land

Deers Left With Bloodied Heads

Lost Horns Of Rhinos

Tigers Skinned For Fur

Sharks Being Killed For Delicacy

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