Woman Comes Home To Find Her Living Room Covered In Fluff


As COVID restrictions lift and people start going back to the office, a lot of dogs are struggling to adjust to the new normal. But no dog is as unhappy with his mom’s schedule as Bo — and he’s not afraid to show it. 

Vickie Richards Shelton found Bo abandoned on the street when he was just a puppy. “I found him in a cardboard box somebody had thrown away [when] he was around 4 weeks old,” Shelton told The Dodo. “I’m an avid animal lover. When I saw the box move a bit, I went and looked and figured somebody had just abandoned him. I couldn’t take him at that point.”

Two years later, Bo is extremely attached to his mom and his seven dog brothers and sisters. “He loves to play and loves to snuggle,” Shelton said. “He plays well with the other dogs, [but] he’s a little tougher than they are, so they tire a lot quicker than he does.”

As Shelton started to go back to work, she noticed Bo displaying some separation anxiety. When she leaves, she places all the dogs in their own rooms so there’s no mischief while she’s gone.

Recently, Bo was assigned to the living room while his mom was away, and decided to show her exactly how he felt about her leaving.

When Shelton returned home, she was shocked. Her entire living room was flooded with stuffing from the couch.

“I walked in, and he sat down in the middle of it like, 'Look what I did for you, Mom,’” Shelton said. “I thought I’d been robbed.”

Bo didn’t spare an inch of Shelton’s beloved couch. “He even tore the stuffing off the sides of it — every cushion,” Shelton said. “I ended up with almost four big garbage bags full of ‘fluff’ and it took me a good couple hours.” 

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